Want to get gigs through storybook? 

If you offer a specialty talent or event service (or would like to learn! We train!) we can help you get gigs! Click the links below to tell us a little about your services. 

Want to be a character actor? 

Before signing up for an interview/audition, review what is required of a Storybook character actor.  

Natural Ability 

Some training is involved when it comes to leading  our unique packages,  but first and formost our Storybook Staff MUST have a genuine love for working with children and a natural ability to entertain and keep the children's attention without guidance. 

Performers mindset

If you are shy or uncomfortable entertaining a large crowd on your own, this will not be a suitable position for you. Our staffers must be born entertainers and have the confidence to speak on a microphone if it's handed to them or take control when a party energy is dragging. 

Makeup Skills 

For our female performers,  strong ability in makeup application is a must. We follow strict makeup tutorials for each character in order to maintain an across the board look with all our actresses who portray the same characters.   (Those with great makeup skills are usually able to cover a wider variety of character rolls.)


Bubbling Personality 

Our performers MUST be high energy throughout their events. Even our mascot performers must be animated, fun and have BIG energy even when their characters do not talk. We never just stand and let the time pass without the characters continuously interacting.

Flexible Schedule

Storybook bookings can come in at any time, so having flexible weekends in a must. Work is first offered to those who are most reliable, on time and do a stellar job no matter the event.  Some actors are offered work consistently while others receive offers periodically when more obscure characters are booked.

Reliable Transportation 

Storybook services the entire island, so driving is a big part of the job. Actors must first prepare at our office in Kapolei, attend their events and return BACK to the office. For larger parties, you are accompanied by an assistant. However, you will be required to drive to a substantial amount of events. 

Other things to know....

Singing and stage experience is a huge plus, although not required. 
However, when portraying characters with popular songs you must know the words and be able to fake it through a sing-a-long.

We supply everything needed for each event.
Costumes, makeup, lashes, wigs, shoes, supplies, etc. We have it all covered! 

Other work (aside from being a face character) is available!
For example you could be a handler who assists, a party starter who hosts in colorful, light-up garb or you can be inside our mascots! 

We offer some packages that don't include characters.
Such as toddler parties or pre-teen glow parties where you could be our colorful party host/dj ! 

There is room for growth at Storybook!
Seasoned actors who advance to doing larger parties on their own have the opportunity to make more money for solo events!

We operate on a tight schedule !
We do not allow our actors to arrive late to events or rush getting ready. If you are prone to being late, this may not be the job for you. 

The call our clients after each event to get their feedback on their event.  
To keep our quality top notch, we personally call each client to get feedback about their event and their performers. This give us the insight on the ability to move you up to an advanced performer or help you in areas which may need some improvement. 

Right for the job?

So, you have read all the above and you think being a Storybook character actor would be a great position for you.... let's request an interview! Do you sing?... if so, let's call it an audition. Either way, we are excited to meet you.